Landing Astronaut Candle and Rocket Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada foe you next space-themed party cake decor.

Galactic Candle Glow: Lighting Up the Universe at Your Next Birthday Bash

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Galactic Candle Glow: Lighting Up the Universe at Your Next Birthday Bash

Are you celebrating a loved one’s birthday whose ultimate wish is to have a space theme, but don’t know where to start? Southlake Gifts Canada offers a wide array of galactic candles ready to make your next space party out of this world!

Get ready for your ultimate interstellar wish to be granted, choose from any of our space birthday candles, and light up your special one’s universe at their next birthday bash. 

Space Candle Set by Southlake Gifts Canada include a astronaut candle, rocket candle and planets candle!


What’s the Significance of Blowing Out Birthday Candles?

Ever wonder why we blow out candles on a birthday cake? Tradition has it that the smoke coming from the extinguished candles is a message to God or the universe, otherwise known as the wish we just transferred to the candles in the hope that it will be fulfilled. 

Many believe that if all of the candles are blown out at once, the wish will come true. This fun candle tradition is only a part of what makes birthdays so special, but it’s without question one of our favourites. 

Nowadays, we like to elevate this tradition by going beyond ordinary candles with unique novelty candles. Our hand-crafted, hand-painted, candles include a natural soy wax blend, and feature a cotton wick for a long-lasting, clean burn. Oh, and did we mention they’re Canadian-made?

Select from any of the space-themed candles below only available at Southlake Gift Canada Shop. 

Illuminate Your Birthday with Galaxy Space Number Candles

Galaxy Space Number Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada, perfect space themed birthday cake decor!


Parents often reminisce about the magical moment they witnessed at their child's space-themed birthday party – the sheer delight on their little one's face when they saw their Galaxy Wormhole Birthday Number proudly displayed atop their cake.

Explore the Galaxy with Galaxy Planet Candles

Galaxy Planet Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada, perfect space themed cake and party decor

Any galactic birthday party planner knows that planets and celestial bodies are key to really creating the theme of outer space exploration. Shimmery balloons strung in the air add the planetary effect you’re looking for, while Galaxy Planet Candles bring the wonder of the cosmos right to your cake. 

Blast Off with Vintage Robot Rocket and Rocket Candles

Robot Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada

Looking to add an element of adventure and excitement to your space birthday celebration? Our Vintage Robot Rocket Candle, inspired by the iconic character Optimus Prime from Transformers, will bring imagination to life with its whimsical foursquare silhouette amid classic colours of blue and red. 

Rocket Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada, your ultimate candle gift shop in Canada

Further your journey to the stars with our rocket candle, a perfect addition to any space-themed occasion. Add as a topper to any cake or position candles as a table centerpiece giving the perfect intergalactic touch.  

Land Among the Stars with the Landing Astronaut Candle

Landing Astronaut Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada

Ready to explore new horizons? Our Landing Astronaut Candle perfectly captures an astronaut touching down on an alien planet… or cake. Let your space enthusiast send their birthday wish off to the stars when they blow out the candles on this unique novelty candle. 

Cosmic Conclusions

All of our space candles promise to light up the universe at your next birthday bash, infusing every moment with the enchantment of the cosmos. Let the flickering glow of our candles guide your loved ones into a universe of joy and imagination.

In the vast expanse of the galaxy, where dreams take flight and wishes find their way to the stars, your journey to the perfect space-themed birthday celebration begins and ends at Southlake Gift Shop. Safe travels in the vastness of your imagination!

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