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Southlake Gifts: Introducing New Candles and Packaging

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In a world where technology reigns, there is something simplistic and beautiful about holding onto traditional ways of crafting. At Southlake Gifts, we love the unhurried practice of candle-making. 

Southlake Gifts Candle Handcrafted Candle Gifts

We are inspired by the world around us, whether it be the admiration of Mother Nature, how we spend time with our family, or the memories these moments give to us; all of these moments go directly into our craft.

Knowing the amount of work that goes into each candle, we’re also particular about which candles we want to create. After all, all of our candles are hand-poured, hand-crafted, and hand-painted; they are never rushed and are always made with love. 

So, when we decide to produce a new candle, we do so with the intention that our customers will fall in love with our creations as much as we do during their conception and creation. 

That said, Southlake Gifts Canada is proud to reveal two of our newest candle creations, the Popcorn Candle Bowl and the Pink Moonstone Succulent Candle. 

Without further ado, here they are. We hope you find joy in using them as much as we did in creating them.  


Popcorn Candle Bowl

While we previously have the Butter Popcorn Candle and the Caramel Popcorn Candle, let us now introduce the Popcorn Candle Bowl.

Southlake Gifts Canada popcorn Candle, it looks like popcorn and smells like popcorn

It has the same hand-crafted realistic details and the same hand-painted meticulousness, only now, we’ve upgraded our Popcorn Candle to come in a reusable bowl. This mouthwatering candle is a feast for the eyes and the nose making it your perfect movie night companion.

Enjoy any movie marathon with its long-lasting fragrance that will fill your room with buttery scents from the moment you hit play right until the credits roll across the screen. It’s the perfect addition for birthday parties, makes a great gift for popcorn lovers, or helps chase away rainy-day blues.


Pink Moonstone Succulent Candle

Succulent Candles Pink moonstone succulent candle by Southlake Gifts Canada

Next, we have the Pink Moonstone Succulent Candle. Inspired by the Pachyphytum Oviferum succulent, the Pink Moonstone Succulent Candle is Southlake’s unique interpretation of one of Mother Nature's incredible floral creations. Following the popularity of our other succulent candle creations, The Pink Moonstone candle stands out as being wonderfully different.

Let the pop of cotton candy pink bulbous leaves above the elegant black base elevate your space. Bring a sensation of peace and mindfulness as you light the tip of the cotton, lead-free wick and release an intoxicating floral-infused and woody scent to any space.

Southlake Gifts Candle Packaging Updates


Beyond creating new candles, we’re also busy finding ways to ensure that every part of your candle-buying journey is up to our highest standards. Recently we have created new packaging for many of our candles to be even more pleasing to the eyes.

Our new packaging covers many of our candles including many of our Cereal Candle Bowls, our Acai Bowl Candle, our Beeutiful Spring Blossom Candle, and more. Elevating our packaging ensures that from the moment a candle is received to the last drop of wax being burned, each stage of receiving a candle is a moment to remember.

Lastly, despite this change, we want our customers to know that our commitment to the environment has never wavered. All of our candle creations still come in recyclable packaging and contain biodegradable packing peanuts, and we will continue to do so. We thank you, our customers, for your unwavering support of our candle creations.

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