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Pennywise vs. Pumpkin: Which Candle Suits Your Halloween Style?

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Pennywise vs. Pumpkin: Which Candle Suits Your Halloween Style?

Halloween will soon be upon us. And what better way to get into the spirit than to decorate your house with Halloween décor? Not sure whether your Halloween style includes more of a spooky setup or a cozy, comforting look? Have no fear (pun intended); Southlake Gifts Canada got you covered. 

Southlake Gifts has a reputation for providing unique candles in Canada to elevate your themed events, including Halloween. As you’ll learn, having candles around at Halloween is rooted in tradition. Ready to decide which candle to include in your home? Let’s begin. 

What Is the Significance of Candles at Halloween?

Although many cannot deny the powerful way candles lend themselves to providing a cozy or spooky atmosphere, candles have a more established reason for being included in the spirit of Halloween. Candles were placed around the house to help guide lost spirits back to the spirit world. 

It was believed that during this time of year, the realm between the two worlds was at its thinnest. So why not add to this spirited tradition and decorate your home with some of the best Halloween candles to compliment your Halloween style? 

The Spooky Allure of Pennywise Candles

Clown Candle for Halloween from Southlake Gifts Canada

Who hasn’t heard of one of the scariest characters from one of the most iconic frightening storytellers around? Pennywise, otherwise known as the clown from the classic horror It is the perfect addition to any spooky or horror-themed Halloween decorations.  

Drawing inspiration from the iconic character, each candle is intricately crafted with uncanny attention to detail. At Southlake Gift Shop, you can effortlessly add your very own Pennywise candles to contribute both an eerie and captivating vibe to your Halloween décor.

Embracing the Cozy Charm of Pumpkin Candles

Pumpkin Candle Set from Southlake Gifts Canada, Pumpkin Spice Scented!

If having a cozy, stylish Halloween is your preference, why not explore the timeless appeal of pumpkin candles during the season? Create a warm and intimate atmosphere with the soft glow and the delightful aroma of pumpkin spice. 

This one-of-a-kind pumpkin candle set from Southlake Gifts Canada lets you surround yourself with the essence of autumn and can complement a rustic or traditional Halloween-themed setting.  Colours come in white and orange, a perfect combination to compliment any décor. 

Decorating Ideas with Pennywise and Pumpkin Candles

Pennywise Candle

Lighting up clown candle for halloween decor from Southlake Gifts Canada

Incorporating Pennywise candles will add terror to any horror-themed Halloween event. Try placing your Pennywise candles on a decorative tray and surround them with black or red taper candles. You may even like to add dried blood-red flowers for a haunted and dramatic effect. 

Our Pennywise candle makes an excellent centrepiece amid faux spiderwebs, creepy figurines, and small pumpkins for a chilling focal point. Or perhaps you’d prefer to create a creepy altar featuring Pennywise candles, tarot cards, skulls, and dark-coloured fabric. Don’t forget to add some mystic symbols, dim the lighting, and let your candle create haunting shadows. 

Pumpkin Candles

Fall Decor Essentail, Pumpkin Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada

Create a Pumpkin Candle pathway to line your walkway or porch steps. They can be left on their own or placed in glass lanterns or jars to protect them from the wind. The tantalizing smell and the flickering light will guide your guests with a warm, comforting scent and glow. 

For a cozier touch, construct a pumpkin spice corner with the bonus of pumpkin-spice-scented potpourri and warm-coloured throw pillows. Surround the arrangement with faux autumn leaves, and play your favourite crackling fire app, for an enchanting vibe. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer spooky or cozy, Southlake Gifts Canada is here to offer you unique, hand-crafted, high-quality Halloween candles in Canada for your next Halloween event. 

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