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The Art of Self-Care: Creating a Relaxing Sanctuary with Southlake Gift Candles

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Self-care, a word that has been used greatly over the past few years, means something different to each person. For some, it’s as simple as eating healthy, for others, it’s taking care of their mental health through a weekly therapy appointment. 

At Southlake Gifts, one of our favourite ways to indulge in some self-care is, yes, you guessed it, adding some candles to whatever task we’re doing. First, we’ll unpack the idea of why candles are so powerful. Next, we’ll highlight a few of our much-loved candles to enhance your next self-care experience. 

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The Power of Candles in Self-Care

The Danish know what they’re talking about and captured in a single word, Hygge. This phenomenon, which if you don’t know, is simply the feeling you create through coziness that nourishes the soul. It can be done in a variety of ways, from taking pleasure in a snuggly blanket to a delicious meal, or our top way, surrounding yourself with candles. 

Truth be told, it’s not the easiest thing to describe, and that’s mostly because it’s more of a feeling than anything else. But who can argue the boost in atmosphere candles make when lighted throughout the house during a thunderstorm?

That’s because there is something innately comforting about a soft, flickering glow. The act of lighting the wick; the scent that gently spreads its way through the room. 

Southlake Gifts Canada Hydrangea Candle, self care candle

Candles Help Elevate Your Mood

Candles impact our moods and emotions. Studies show that the scent of a candle positively activates parts of our brain, including the amygdala, the area that is responsible for our emotions. We start associating happiness with pleasant scents that we like. 

Feeling trapped in a space? Light a candle and instantly be transported elsewhere; a blossom-filled garden; a golden, sandy beach; a Sunday dinner surrounded by loved ones; the possibilities are endless. 

Candles Help Improve Meditation Focus

Studies have also shown that meditation is a fantastic aid for self-care. The trouble is, that many of us have a hard time focussing on cleansing our minds. What’s the solution? Light a candle and use that as your new focus. Plus, candles also make it easier to relax in the moment. 

Candles Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Another positive impact candles can have is that they are well-known stress and anxiety relievers. 

They do so in a couple of ways. First, it’s the simple act of lighting a candle when you want to unwind that prepares your mind for de-stressing. Second, scents have calming effects. Third, simply having the candle around, its soft scent pulsating in the background, reminds your body and mind that this is a safe space. 

Candles Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Those who have trouble sleeping at night might find comfort in the routine of lighting a candle an hour before bed. Why, you ask? Because this simple act helps shift their mindset from busy to unwind. 

These are just a few of the ways candles are a great companion for self-care. Whether you choose to include your candle with your nightly bubble baths or in your beloved reading nook, we’re here for it. 

Here to help you choose your next companion are three of our favourite candles that we love to include in our self-care routines. 

Pink Moonstone Succulent Candle

Designed with the beauty of the Moonstone Succulent in mind, this plant originates from the rocky cliffs of Mexico and stands out for its captivating shape, texture, and hue. The black base and pop of pink make for an elegant display in any room while the earthy and floral scents will bring a sense of calm to any space. 

Pink Moonstone Succulent Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada. Your ultimate candle gift shop in Canada.

Sea Otter Candle

Are bubble baths part of your self-care routine? Why not add this cute little buddy the next time you want to soak your worries away in a tranquil tub of soapy, hot water? What makes our adorable sea otter even more relaxing? Why it's the oceanic scent, that’s what. 

You’ll love the self-care routine you get with this cutie. 

Sea otter Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada, your ultimate candle gifts selfcare shop in Canada.

M&M Rainbow Chocolate Candle Bowl

M&M Rainbow Chocolate Candle Bowl from Southlake Gifts Canada

Who doesn’t reach for sweets when they are S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D out? And who doesn’t love the smell of chocolate scent wafting in the air? (Raises hands!) Every time you see your colourful M&M Rainbow Chocolate Candle Bowl, a smile will come to your face. Trust us, your nose will thank you for this sweet-smelling indulgence. 

Candle-Lit Self-Care Bliss 

Candles are known worldwide for helping to create a relaxing sanctuary. The next time you’re looking to add something extra to your self-care routine, why not add a candle? At Southlake Gifts Canada, we’re happy to add to your self-care. You take care of yourself and leave the lighting to us. 


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