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Candle Traditions Around the World. How You Can Create Your Own.

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Candle Traditions Around the World. How You Can Create Your Own.

Moss Taper Candle and Snail Candle Holder Set from Southlake Gifts Canada

Did you know that candles have been used as a light source and a part of celebrations for more than 5,000 years? Although their origin is still a mystery, Ancient Egyptians are believed to be the first to use a variation of what we would call a candle today. 

The Romans developed a wicked candle by dipping rolled papyrus into melted beeswax or tallow. Their purpose was to light their homes, guide travellers at night, and as an important role in religious ceremonies. 

Today, although candles have come a long way from rolled-up papyrus dipped in wax, they continue to be loved and used regularly. At Southlake Gifts, we love learning the traditions of candles. Let’s highlight some from around the world and how you can incorporate candles to create your own. 

Candle Traditions Around the Globe:

Union of Marriage

Many religions find significant meaning in the bride and groom lighting a unity candle during their wedding ceremony. The tradition goes, first, they each light their own, and from their individual candles, they light the third unity candle representing their joining as one in marriage. 

Religious Offerings 

The light that comes from a candle is viewed by many as a sacred fire and is often used as a gift to God. In Hindu and Buddhist traditions, lighting a candle at a shrine shows respect. In Christianity, a devotee will light a votive candle to represent their prayer intention. 

Religious Holiday Observances

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, involves lighting eight candles on the menorah, one day at a time. Many Christians celebrate Jesus’ birth with a Christ Candle, an important part of Christmas. A kinara is used during Kwanzaa to hold seven candles, three red, one black, and three green. 

Ancient Clocks

The medieval Anglo-Saxon king Alfred the Great used four-hour candle clocks, as a way to keep track of the passing hours. Although not entirely accurate, they would give an idea of time passing in long, dark, cold winters. 

Message to Travellers

Placing a candle in a window was always a sign to travellers that their home was a safe haven for them to stop and rest. Many would also light a candle to send love to those who were away from home, in the hopes of a safe return. 

Incorporating Southlake Gifts Canada's Candles into Traditional Celebrations

Southlake Gifts Canada showcasing Succulent Candle production process

The above traditions are just a mere flicker of the vast possibilities of how candles are used around the globe; some to which you could easily add our collection of candles. 

For example, having a summer wedding? Why not incorporate our Sunflower Candle into your wedding ceremony? They can be used during your union lighting or as part of your table setting at the reception. 

Sun Flower Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada, your ultimate candle gift shop in Canada

Southlake Gift Shop has a diverse range of novelty candles to incorporate into your own cultural or religious celebrations. But why not think outside the box and create your own candle tradition? 

Creating Personal Candle Traditions

Bunny Candle with Easter Egg & Mushroom from Southlake Gifts Canada
Try adding our Bunny Candles with Easter Eggs and Mini Mushroom

to your next Easter Celebrate dinner. Or how about starting a family tradition of lighting a unique candle during dinnertime, such as with one of our Succulent Candles? 

Southlake Gifts Canada's Succulent Candle with concrete vessel

Celebrating your wedding anniversary is a tradition in its own right, but add in a couple of our Rose Candles, and you’ve just ignited your romance to the next level.

Rose Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada, flower candle that you will love 

And we don’t know about you, but having a Sunday tradition of relaxing and enjoying a scented Fruit Loops Cereal Candle scent to set the mood for a day of chill sounds amazing to us. 

Froot Loops Cereal Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada, your ultimate candle gift shop in Canada


Celebrating the Candle

We believe that knowing the rich traditions candles take part in ought to be celebrated. Whether you go for a classic, but elevated, birthday tradition or create a new tradition, add one of our hand-poured soy candles to make it even more memorable. 

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