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How to Incorporate Candles into Your Easter Table Décor

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The significance of candles at Easter helps Christians around the world remember the light of Christ coming into the world to dispel the darkness. Today, candles help remind us how he stands as a symbol of lightness in troubled times. 


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To honour this special day, we gather around the dinner table as a way to celebrate amongst family and friends. We set up a nice spread that includes centrepieces, themed decorations, and fancy dinnerware. Want to take it to the next level? The addition of candles will help set your décor apart from the rest. 


At Southlake Gifts, we’ve got just the candles you need to add ambiance and dimension to your festive tablescape.  


Easter Candle Selection from South Lake Gifts Canada


Southlake Gifts Canada Easter Bunny Candle for your easter decor and easter basket candle


Here are four of our most popular candles that will add a playful and festive touch to your Easter table décor. 


Bunny Candle with Easter Egg & Mushroom

Want a stand-out decoration that adds a mix of whimsy and tradition? Let the Easter bunny with delicate pastel-coloured eggs hop into your next dinner layout. While the origins of the Easter Bunny are a mystery, that hasn’t stopped the bunny from being a strong part of Easter celebrations. 


Southlake Gifts Canada Easter bunny candle gift basket


Our beloved Bunny Candle with Easter Egg & Mushroom is cozy and cute all in one. With its delightful fragrance, handcrafted and hand-painted details, and wonderful scent, this Easter candle décor lends itself as a perfect heartwarming and festive accent for any space. 


Hydrangea and Moss Taper Candle Bundle 

This standout duo comes with a meticulous design that brings in the alluring scent of flowers, a symbol of spring and rebirth, but without the need for maintenance. Inspired by the lushness of real hydrangea petals, it will captivate those attending your Easter feast. 


Southlake Gifts Canada Hydrangea Candle


The Moss Taper Candle and Snail Holder bring natural, realistic texture to your table and give your décor a much sought-after height. It pairs elegantly with our Hydrangea candle and can be bought together with the Hydrangea candle as a bundle creating a serene and inviting atmosphere for your guests. 


Southlake Gifts Canada Moss Taper Candle and Snail Candle Holder Set


Blushing Bunny Candles


Southlake Gifts Canada Blushing Bunny Candle Easter Decoration cake toppers


You won’t find these bunnies anywhere else. As part of our Easter Collection, these bunnies are the perfect addition to any Easter celebration. Select from four variations of this charming critter; they add an abundance of charm to any tablescape, as only bunnies can. 


While they may not actually blush, their adorable poses may make you blush from cuteness overload. They also make the perfect accompaniment or prize for any Easter egg hunt. Who wouldn’t want to add one of these cuties to their Easter gift collection? 


Tips for Creating an Easter Table Centerpiece with Candles 


When using candles for your next Easter feast, there are a variety of ways to incorporate them into your table décor. You can try spacing them out, with flowers or tea light candles in between each one. You may also choose to weave garland or tulle in between the spacing. 


Our Blushing Bunny Candles fit perfectly in glass holders on a bed of stones or try grouping them together with lush green foliage surrounding them. Don’t forget to personalize your Easter candle décor by adding your own creative touches such as ribbons, decorative eggs, and more. 


Whether you’re hosting a festive brunch, a cozy dinner, or a family gathering, from the adorable bunny creations to the fragrant floral candles, our collection at Southlake Gifts offers easy-to-add accents that will elevate your décor and create a truly memorable atmosphere for your next Easter gathering. 

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