Meet our Blooms & Blossoms Candle Collection

Bring nature indoors with our plant and flower-themed candle collection - Blooms and Blossoms.

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Pumpkin Spice Candle Set

Can you imagine a realistic pumpkin candle with pumpkin spice scent?  Soak in All the Pumpkin Spice with our Pumpkin Spice Candle Set Southlake Gifts Canada!

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Southlakegifts canada :Pumpkin Spice Candle Set
Southlakegifts canada :Assorted Succulent Candle with Concrete Vessel

Succulent Candle with Concrete Vessel

Embrace nature's beauty with our Succulent Concrete Candle. Each succulent will adds a touch of greenery to your space.

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Hydrangea Candle

Bring the garden indoors with our Hydrangea Candle. Crafted with precision, experience the charm of lifelike hydrangea petals without having to water them!

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Southlakegifts canada:Hydrangea Candle
Southlakegifts canada:Acai Bowl Candle

Acai Bowl Candle

An inviting bouquet of fruit aroma makes this acai bowl candle almost too tempting not to eat!

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Moss Taper Candle and Snail Candle Holder Set

The exclusive Moss Taper Candle and Snail Candle Holder Set by Southlake Gifts Canada - it's not just a candle; it's cuteness overload.

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Southlakegifts canada:Moss Taper Candle and Snail Candle Holder Set
Southlakegifts canada:Rose Candle

Rose Candle

As beautiful and wonderfully scented as a rose, the rose candle transports you to a lush field of flowers.

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