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Celebrating International Women's Day: Empowering Gift Ideas for Her with Southlake Gifts' Candles

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As we approach International Women’s Day, a time dedicated to honouring the strength and resilience of women worldwide, the choice of a gift becomes more than a mere gesture—it becomes a symbol of empowerment and appreciation. 

Southlake Gifts Canada International women day

In this spirit, we believe candles make the perfect tokens for sending an important woman in your life a message of love, encouragement, and support.  

The Essence of Empowerment through Candles

Lighting a candle can create a serene ambiance that encourages relaxation, self-reflection, and a sense of calmness. Giving the gift of a candle to a woman is akin to giving her the gift of space for introspection and, in turn, empowerment. 

The act of lighting a candle symbolizes hope, guidance, and illumination, and serves as a metaphor for empowerment and enlightenment in women’s lives. The gift of a candle from one woman to another helps foster a sense of community, solidarity, and mutual support. 

At Southlake Gifts, we want to be there for you as you help empower other women through the gift of a candle. Here to help you select is our list of specialty-picked candles to help transform every woman into a motivated and positive force. 

Southlake Gifts Canada Moonstone succulent candle


Curated Gift Selection for Different Women

Each of the following candles would make the perfect gift for International Women’s Day. 

Pink Eiffel Tower Candle

Southlake Gifts Canada Candle Pink Eiffel Tower Candle

The intricately detailed design of our Eiffel Tower Candle, with an emphasis on power pink, celebrates women’s femininity, not to be viewed as a flaw but as a visual representation of empowerment. With each lighting, she will remember her strength, be inspired, and be uplifted. 

The strong towering Eiffel Towel is a representation of all women and of their inner beauty and resilience. It serves as a reminder for women to prioritize their dreams, appreciate their worth, and embrace their uniqueness. 

Zodiac Sign Candles

Southlake Gifts Canada Zodiac Signs candle

Each Zodiac Sign Candle is uniquely crafted to represent a specific astrological sign, allowing women to connect with their individual traits, strengths, and characters on a deeper level. It serves as a reminder that she should embrace her identity, and personality, and let it foster self-awareness and self-acceptance. 

Her Zodiac Sign will infuse her space with celestial magic and inspiration. She will be reminded of the vast universe and the endless possibilities it holds for her; it will help encourage her to reach for her dreams and aspirations without abandon. 

Beeutiful Spring Blossom Candle

Southlake Gifts Canada Beeutiful Spring Blossom Candle

The Queen bee is a symbol of leadership, strength, and resilience in any hive. She embodies qualities of authority, fertility, and harmony. By gifting the Beeutiful Spring Blossom Candle, one can draw inspiration for the Queen bee’s powerful role and channel these qualities into her own life. 

Its honey-milk fragrance, daisies, and bumblebee design exude elegance and grace, reflecting the Queen bee’s regal presence in a hive. 

Just as the Queen collaborates with other bees to ensure the hive’s success, women will bee inspired to have their own strong relationships, supporting one another and working together toward common goals.   

Extra Ways to Show Her Love This International Women’s Day

Just as is with any celebratory holiday, there are multiple ways to show your appreciation above and beyond one single day. Send a personalized message to an important woman in your life and tell her what she means to you. 

Share with her how she’s inspired you. Do you find you look up to her and want to emulate her confidence within? There is never a bad time to showcase your respect and appreciation for her, to uplift her the same way she has done with you. 

Affordable Luxury and Thoughtful Gifting

Each of Southlake's Gift candles not only brings beauty and function into a woman’s home but also offers an affordable luxury that makes for a meaningful and thoughtful gift. Any of our candles reflect her unique personality and interests and show your love for her. 

Celebrate this International Women’s Day (and beyond) by giving an empowering gift that will continue to support the women’s light within to shine out to the world. Uplift her through appreciation, encouragement, and solidarity. 

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