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Eco-Friendly Elegance: Sustainable Home Décor Trends with Southlake Gifts

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In today’s world, every choice we make directly impacts the environment. Where we choose to shop, how we decorate our homes, and what food we decide to put into our bodies; it all makes a difference for Mother Earth. 

Here, at Southlake Gifts, we want our customers to know that we understand that providing you with eco-friendly gift ideas is a large part of why you continue to put our trust in our products. 

Southlake Gifts Canada Candle Shop Handmade Candle

Sustainable home décor means having items in your home that have minimal impact on the world and having an environmentally responsible space. When you choose to decorate your house or give a gift to someone, how eco-friendly are your decisions? 

Let’s dive more into this topic and show you how Southlake Gift Candles fill a home with elegance all while having a lighter environmental effect. 


Sustainable Features of Southlake Gifts Candles

Many people don’t know that many candle companies make their candles with paraffin wax. This is a petroleum by-product; in other words, it is recognized for its soot and pollutant emissions (toxins). 

At Southlake Gifts Canada, we have made the responsible choice to only use top-quality wax for all of our candles, but we use a blend of soy, beeswax, and sustainably sourced palm wax. 

At Southlake Gifts Canada, we have made the responsible choice to only use top-quality wax for all of our candles, but we use a blend of soy, beeswax, and sustainably sourced palm wax.

Why do we blend? Soy ensures longevity with your candles’ burn time. Palm wax helps ensure the scent is properly dispersed within a room. Beeswax is a renewable source; it even emits negative ions when it burns. Negative ions, although sound negative, they help spread positive vibes. 

This ideal combination helps to ensure a slow, clean burn, with ideal scent diffusion, and won’t harm Planet Earth. To ensure that our candle scent throw is at the top of its game, we only use a high-quality blend of essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance.

And, lastly, did we mention we use lead-free cotton which is FSC certified?  Cotton wicks are a 100% natural choice, are the best at absorbing the wax, and are the most durable. 

But what good is buying an environmentally-friendly candle for your home or as a gift when it arrives all covered in eco-damaging plastic? You can rest assured that each of our candles arrives in recyclable packaging and is protected with biodegradable packing peanuts. 

Lucky Charms Cereal Candle Bowl

Southlake Gifts Canada proudly presents the Lucky Charms Cereal Candle Bowl, a wonderful combination of childhood memories and aromatic bliss. Let the flickering candle and sweet scent create a magical atmosphere in your home.

Our Lucky Charms Cereal Candle Bowl stands proud as one of our cereal scentsations candle collections. It is made with a blend of 80% Soy and 20% Beeswax. It also comes with a reusable ceramic bowl, making its impact on the environment less likely to end up in a landfill. 

Plus, not only does it take you back to the days of sitting and watching cartoons on a Saturday morning while saving all the marshmallows in your Lucky Charms bowl until the last moment (or not, we don’t judge), but it also comes infused with an amazing phthalate-free scent. 

Pink Moonstone Succulent Candle

The Pink Moonstone Succulent Candle - a unique and thoughtful gift, perfect for self-care and mindfulness. Available now at Southlake Gifts Canada
Embrace the enchanting fragrance of the Pink Moonstone Succulent candle and experience the transformative power of nature in a captivating and stylish form.

The Moss Candle Bowl

Discover the ultimate candle gift at Southlake Gifts Canada with the Moss Candle Bowl with Concrete Vessel. Made with a beautifully crafted concrete vessel, this candle brings a touch of green and tranquility to any space

One of our newer creations, the Moss Candle Bowl is a sophisticated reminder of why Mother Nature is in her own right, an artist. This textured candle with varied green tones is cradled by a sustainable and reusable handmade concrete bowl. 

Each of its three wicks is made of 100% cotton, a clean and optimal choice. Green moss elevates all your décor plus it helps ensure a greener lifestyle. 

No matter which of our candles you choose, you can’t ever go wrong when it comes to being environmentally responsible. We can’t thank you enough for thinking of Southlake Gifts when you want elegant, sustainable, and eco-friendly choices. 

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