Froot Loops Cereal Candle bowl from Southlake Gifts Canada, the best cereal candle brand and maker in Canda

Introducing the Cereal Scentsation Candle Collection - the most realistic cereal candle on the market Pt.2

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Discover the Irresistible Cereal Scentsations Candle Collection: Relive Our Best Selling Breakfast Cereal Candle- Froot Loops Cereal Candle

Froot Loops Cereal Candle Bowl from Southlake Gifts Canada's Cereal Scentsations Cereal Candle Collection.


After the incredible success of our Lucky Charms Cereal Candle, our team (Southlake Gifts) was determined to bring more cereal-inspired candles to the market. We know that in the grocery store,  there's a whole shelf filled with beloved breakfast cereals, and we wanted to capture their essence in candle form.

The Ongoing Design Process

For our Froot Loops Cereal Candle, we didn't settle for anything less than perfection. Our design process involved great attention to detail and a commitment to make it look like real cereal as possible. We put a tremendous amount of effort into the moulding process, ensuring that the Froot Loops wax melt is two-sided, unlike other brands that only have one side.

Why put effort into making a tiny cereal embed two-sided? Well, we wanted to create a truly authentic and immersive experience. Both the front and the back of our Froot Loops Cereal Candle look just like the real thing. Each colourful loop is meticulously handcrafted, giving the candle a lifelike appearance that will amaze you.

Froot Loops Cereal embeds comparison between Southlake Gifts Canada and other cereal candle brand/maker.


The Scent of Froot Loops Perfected

Now, let's talk about the magic scent of the Froot Loops Cereal Candle. We didn't want to simply replicate the exact scent from Froot Loops Cereal, instead, we decided to create our very own scent interpretation. The fragrance blend captures the iconic smell of Froot Loops while adding extra sweetness and being even more fruitier. Trust us when we say, it's better than the real thing. The aroma will transport you back to carefree mornings, sitting at the kitchen table, enjoying a bowl of your favourite cereal.

Experience the Magic of Froot Loops Cereal Candle

At Southlake Gifts Canada, we believe that every detail matters. By making our Froot Loops Cereal Candle two-sided and perfecting the scent, we are going the extra mile to make the candle resemble a genuine bowl of Froot Loops Cereal. Each candle is proudly crafted by hand, ensuring the highest level of quality and craftsmanship we provide. We invite you to experience the magic of Froot Loops Cereal in a brand new way with our handcrafted Froot Loops Cereal Candle. Light it up, and fill your space with a delightful, sweet, and fruity aroma. Whether you want to relive childhood memories or simply enjoy the unique candle, our Froot Loops Cereal Candle is more than a wax in the vessel.

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Indulge in the magic of our Cereal Scentsations Candle Collection and relive the joy of your favourite breakfast cereal today.

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