Meet our Number Candle Candle Collection

Add a touch of personalization to your celebrations with our Number Cake Topper Candles collection.


This unique candle features a handmade design with iconic ears, complete with a cute polka-dot bow)

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Southlakegifts cake couture Pink Dot Number Candle
Southlakegifts cake couture Galaxy Space Number Candles

Galaxy Space Number Candles

Say goodbye to the boring number candle and check out Galaxy Wormhole Number Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada. 

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Sprinkle Candy Number Candle

Who doesn’t love candy? These colourful sprinkle-coated numbers make blowing out the candles on your birthday cake that much more delightful.

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Southlakegifts cake couture Sprinkle Candy Number Candle
Southlakegifts cake couture Golden Glitter Number Candle

Golden Glitter Number Candle

Bring home a bit of cartoon magic with this delightful cupcake candle. Featuring iconic ears, red buttoned shorts, and a large decorative number.

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Lego Number Candle

These aren't your ordinary birthday candles, oh no. Made of colourful LEGO bricks in various numbers, they’re perfect for special birthday celebrations

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Southlakegifts Lego Number Candle

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