Meet Our Holiday Candle Gift Guide Candle Collection

Curated by Southlake Gifts Canada Team, step into our Holiday Candle Gift Guide.

If Want a one-of-a-kind holiday candle gift idea, look no further. We have you covered.

12 Days of Christmas Candle Advent Calendar

Elevate your holiday season with our exclusive 12 Days of Christmas Candle Advent Calendar. Knowing someone who loves to countdown to the holidays? Give the perfect gift for candle fanatics or Christmas enthusiasts who can’t get enough of the season.

Southlake GIfts Canada 12 days of Christmas Candle Advent Calendar

Gummy Bears Candle

Satisfy your sweet tooth and love of candles with Southlake Gifts Canada Gummy Bear Candles. Inspired by HARIBO gummies, these handcrafted contains a "surprise" inside - burn to reveal! 


Hydrangea Candle

Introducing the Hydrangea Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada. Bring the garden indoors with our Hydrangea Candle. Crafted with precision, experience the charm of lifelike hydrangea petals without having to water them!


Lucky Charms Cereal Candle Bowl

Relive the magic of Saturday morning cartoons with our Lucky Charms Candle Bowl! Let the whimsy of colourful marshmallow charms combined with a delightful French vanilla scent fill your space.


The Moss Candle Bowl

Introducing The Moss Candle Bowl from Southlake Gifts Canada – a harmonious blend of nature-inspired beauty and exquisite elegance. This unique candle bowl brings the tranquility of nature into your home, making it an ideal accent for gifting, home decor, or even as a captivating centerpiece.


Moss Taper Candle and Snail Candle Holder Set

Introducing the exclusive Moss Taper Candle and Snail Candle Holder Set by Southlake Gifts Canada - the product that redefines what it means to be a candle.



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