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Gummy Bears Candle

inspired by bear-shaped HARIBO gummies, each gummy bear candle contains a surprise hidden inside!

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Southlakegifts cake couture Gummy Bears Candle
Southlake Gifts Canada Vintage Robot Rocket Candle

Vintage Robot Rocket Candle

Inspired by the iconic character Optimus Prime from the movie Transformers, this hand-painted candle features the classic blue and red colours that bring the robot to life.

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Mini Mushroom Candle Set

Just like the real thing, we recommend not eating this !!! Our mini mushroom candle set brings a whimsical touch of nature to any decor.

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Southlakegifts cake couture Mini Mushroom Candle
Southlakegifts cake couture Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Candle

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Candle

Take a trip to the Jurassic era with this parasaurolophus dinosaur candle.

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Landing Astronaut Candle

One small step for a man, one great addition to a space lover’s birthday cake. Featuring an astronaut proudly holding a Canadian flag!

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Southlakegifts cake couture Landing Astronaut Candle

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