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Discover the mystery of astrology with our celestial-inspired Astrology Candle Collection.

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Zodiac Sign Candle

Immerse yourself in the realm of astrology with our exquisite collection of 12 Zodiac Sign Candles, each one carefully crafted to embody the distinctive traits of its corresponding sign.

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Southlakegifts astrology Zodiac Sign Candle
Southlakegifts astrology Rocket Candle

Rocket Candle

Place this rocket candle on a cake or in any space-themed collection—then light it up and imagine yourself on a journey to the stars! Handmade from high-quality wax

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Landing Astronaut Candle

One small step for a man, one great addition to a space lover’s birthday cake. Featuring an astronaut proudly holding a Canadian flag

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Southlakegifts astrology Landing Astronaut Candle
Southlakegifts astrology Galaxy Planet Candle

Galaxy Planet Candle

Add a touch of intergalactic beauty to your home decor/cake topper with our outer space planet candles!

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Galaxy Space Number Candles

Say goodbye to the boring number candle and check out Galaxy Wormhole Number Candle from Southlake Gifts Canada.

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Southlakegifts cake couture Galaxy Space Number Candles

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